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Classical Education

Classical Education: Headliner

An Ancient Method for the Modern World

We seek to establish our children in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Using pedagogical terms, we educate them in grammar, dialectic, and rhetoric. They should be brought to know the Truth, understand the Good, and attain wisdom in that which is lovely. Douglass Wilson- Discovering the Lost Tools of Writing

Although Classical education is commonly associated with Greeks and Romans, it has its roots in Mesopotamia and Egypt. For thousands of years, this model of education has produced great thinkers, from Aristotle to Augustine, from Frederick Neitze to Frederick Douglas. Whether you agree with these thinkers or not, the reality is that their thoughts shaped much of our present day reality. Many of them were able to look beyond the confines of the experience of their times and freely reason toward a different future. This self-motivated, independent thinking is the aim of classical education.

Our family has adopted the classical method of education, centered on the trivium, quadrivium, classic books (with a large dose of works from across the African diaspora), and discourse based teaching because we firmly believe in it’s objective- to teach our children to teach themselves as they pursue the absolutes of Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

Check out these video resources for a more thorough explanation of the tenets of classical education.

Classical Education: About

The Basics of Classical Education: A History Lesson

This twelve Minute video is a brief overview of classical education. It highlights the history of the liberal arts as well as its modern resurgence. If you are in a hurry, skip to minute 7:00 to catch a glimpse of the application of the trivium (grammar, logic, and rhetoric) for this generation of thinkers.

Simple Explanation of Trivium & Quadrivium

Forgive the bowtie. I enjoy the short videos provided by Steve Turley, of Tall Oaks Classical School. I recommend subscribing to his channel as he provides concise but thoughtful explanations of the core tenets of classical education

Classical Conversations - A Class

If you are looking to see how the classical method can fit into your homeschool, Classical Conversations (CC) is a good starting place. This video briefly explains the trivium as applied in a classical, Christian learning environment. Classical Conversations is a popular route for homeschool families. It is not the only way to educate your children, but I appreciated the accountability and fellowship that my CC community provided. We use CC as a spine of our homeschool.

Classical Education: Products
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