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About Nathalie


Nathalie is a homeschool advocate, speaker, writer, blogger and vlogger. 

She believes the calling of parenthood to be sacred and approaches it with reverence. She endeavors to inspire and empower parents of all backgrounds to reclaim ownership of the educating of their children.

A graduate of Howard University, with a degree in communications, she has seen the importance of quality education in the African-American community and aims to promote homeschooling as a means of closing the achievement gap and strengthening communities. She speaks to individuals and groups about theories, strategies, and benefits of home education and proactive parenting.

Nathalie is a doting wife to a handsome naval aviator, and homeschooling mom of two beautiful brown girls. She is a tutor and tutor trainer for Classical Conversations and coordinates elementary level Children’s Ministry for her local church.  When she is not managing To Teach Her Own, she enjoys impromptu field trips and playdates with her two girls, Elise and Lydia, and even better field trips and playdates with her husband of 10 years, Emile.

Connect with her on Instagram at @toteachherown

Twitter @Toteachherown


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