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When School is Out: Part 1

A quick note to parents in the age of COVID-19.

Before you attempt to replicate school at home, don’t.

Pause the strict schedules, the disjointed study of neatly compartmentalized subjects, and the anxiety over whether your little ones are falling behind.

Take this opportunity to first observe your children. Consider their interests, their habits (good and unhelpful), and their physical & emotional needs. Notice what they do when there are no other demands on them. Watch what and how they play.

Listen to their questions, stories, and silly jokes. Take walks without earbuds. Tell them stories of your childhood.Do life alongside them. Cook, clean, garden, read, write, organize etc. Encourage them as they take on more responsibility.

Before finding textbooks, curriculum, worksheets, and assessments with which to measure their learning, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the little human you are privileged to guide.

There are so many great links, resources, tutorials out there to help keep them engaged. So many that, if you are not careful, you would believe the point of education is constant stimulation. Before you click another link, pause. Give them rest. Give them quiet. Give them the benefits of boredom and figuring things out. Give them these blessed gifts and then pay attention. In the meantime you might truly discover the intricate details of the little person you live with.

- a homeschooling mom who is rooting for you

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