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To Teach Her Own

with Nathalie R. Hawkins

The Re-Education of a Homeschool Mom: Teaching my own children. Reigniting my passion for learning. Empowering other parents to do the same.

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Why Teach Your Own?

After homeschooling my children for 7 years and talking the heads off of any parent who has even slightly hinted at any level of curiosity about our experiences with it, I have finally decided to put pen to paper to chronicle the thrills, chills, and spills of homeschooling my two sweet brown girls.

My primary purpose is to give you a window in to my life as I learn alongside my children. I am woman of faith who is passionate about edifying parents through transparency, insight, and example. To Teach Her Own aims to demystify home education and restore confidence in the parental hand in the rearing of children. Articles and resources are centered on fortifying you in your authority as parents, informing you of educational theories and strategies, and challenging you to examine the current system of education to determine whether it suits your ultimate goal in the raising of your generations.

The ultimate mission of To Teach Her Own is to empower and encourage families of all backgrounds to instruct their children at home and to support those families as they journey through the sometimes terrifying, but always gratifying experience of owning their children’s education.

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